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Bedford Technology

Bedford Technology is recognized as one of the most reliable and experienced manufacturers in the recycled plastic lumber industry. With more than 35 profiles, 15 color options, and the ability to manufacture custom shapes and sizes, Bedford can provide products that offer clear advantages over composite lumber products.

Select Force

A long-lasting, low maintenance alternative to wood. 100% recycled Select™ Lumber is made of high density polyethylene plastic with colorants and ultraviolet stabilizers added to provide longevity in outside applications.

Boards are solid with pigment throughout to provide consistent color and uniformity even after cutting. Select™ Lumber has clear advantages over composite lumber products.

Available colors: black, blue, brown, cedar, gray, forest green, yellow, Norwegian weathered wood, mink and white.

Available Sizes - Select™
Technical Data
Span Tables - Select™
Installation Instructions - Select™

FiberForce reinforced Plastic Lumber

Load Bearing Structural Lumber

What is FiberForce®?

  • A high performance timber product uniquely suited for outdoor structural applications
    • Superior strength
    • Exceptional durability
  • Ideal for applications with environmentally harsh conditions
  • A composite of recycled plastic and fiberglass fibers
  • Fiberglass formula provides strength and increased modulus of elasticity (stiffness)
Many Applications
  • Posts, beams, and joists
  • Boardwalks and retaining walls
  • Dock and deck plank
  • Trails/walking bridges
  • Pilings
  • Sheet piling
  • Channel markers
  • Bridge fenders (bumpers)
  • Wales (horizontal fenders over concrete pilings)
  • Camels (floating fenders)
Easy to Use
  • Use standard woodworking tools
  • Can be drilled, routed and cut like conventional lumber
  • Because there are no knots, FiberForce® cuts cleanly every time
  • Available in many dimensional lumber and timber sizes
  • Available in ten colors
Benefits of FiberForce®
  • Environmentally responsible
    • Made from high percentage post-consumer recycled plastic-excellent opportunity for municipalities to demonstrate how curbside recycling is working
    • FiberForce® is fully recyclable
    • Halts further destruction of trees and rainforests
  • Exceptionally durable
    • Resists attack by termites, insects, and marine borers
    • Outlasts all treated woods
    • Resistant to salt water
    • Never rots or splinters
    • Completely impervious to petroleum
    • High impact resistance
    • 50 year warranty
  • Low maintenance
    • Never needs painting, treating, or sealing
    • Moisture resistant - will not stain
    • Resists animal odors and wastes
    • Never splinters - great for public areas
Why use FiberForce®?
  • Excellent value: The lifetime cost of a FiberForce® structure as compared to conventional building materials is substantially lower because it will last many years longer
  • Exceptionally strong and durable
  • Low maintenance
  • Environmentally responsible

Available colors: black, blue, brown, cedar, gray, forest green, yellow, Norwegian weathered wood, mink and white.

Available Sizes - FiberForce®
Technical Data
Span Tables - FiberForce®
Installation Instructions - FiberForce®

Bedford Recycled Lumber

BarForce reinforced Plastic Lumber

BarForce Plastic LumberBarForce® has improved strength and load bearing properties over conventional FiberForce®. Two or more fiberglass rods of diameters from 3/4 up to 1 1/2 inch are imbedded in the full length of a board near each outside edge OR corner (depending on board shape and size) to produce a very strong product especially when used for applications requiring structural plastic or reinforced plastic lumber. Comes with a 50 year limited warranty.

BarForce® has been used in a variety of applications over the years. It is an excellent product for pilings, docks and piers due to its durability.

BarForce® sizes will be available only in those dimensions on the available sizes chart at this time. Please contact us for additional information.

Available Sizes

Please contact us for a Recycled Lumber price quote.



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