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"I want to let you know that I have spread the word far and wide that Scottco Marine has the best customer service of any company I have ever worked with. You guys really take care of the little guy. I really appreciate that."

Twin Lakes, ID 2015


Wes Dorffi, Fallbrook, CA


British Columbia, Canada

"We love our dock and thank you for all your help!"
Bauer, Post Falls, Idaho

"Floating Dock Boat Camp" - Building Your Own Floating Retreat

Randy Scott
Click here to read the article.

"Thanks for the fantastic service. Every aspect of retrofitting our dock floats was flawless. If you shipped any faster, the float drums would have arrived before my order had been placed!"

"Here are some 'Before & After' photos. They have not been retouched in any way. Other than using a small electric pressure washer to remove the moss and slime, the only changes done were to the floats. The buoyancy calculations came out perfect."

John Bronow
Tacoma, WA

"I prebuilt (my dock) except for the decking starting in early March and then disassembled the frame and floats and hauled it down to the lake which was still frozen, reassembled the frame and started laying out the decking. The lake thawed quicker than normal so I had to finish the decking after it launched itself when the ice thawed."

"The second picture shows the dock nearly completed on the lake."

from a satisfied customer in Nancy, AK

"These are a few photos of the boat house we built in 2001 using your floats. We built it at my shop, trucked it to the marina in sections, and assembled the sections in the water. After the dock portion was completed we built the pole building on top of the dock. This worked out great. Your floats worked wonderfully!!!"

AAA Welding
Richland, WA

"Thanks for all the help Jay, the dock is a great addition!"

Don Reed
McCall, ID

Andy Walker
Priest Lake, ID

Photo taken by Pecky,

"Thanks again for all your help. I'm looking forward to getting my dock and lift back in the water for some heavy use this summer!"

Monte Hauer
Bozeman, MT

Comments from a satisfied ThruFlow customer at Canaveral National SeaShore in Florida:

"I think it's time to give you all the latest update on your thruflow product. Folks you have a fantastic product and I am proud as a peacock to experiment this at our Beach. Yes we are working on three years since I installed these two decking sections [ 6'w x 5'L] on both sides of the dune on our Boardwalk #1b. There is NO mold or mildew what so ever on any piece of thruflow. The non-skid is STILL 100% which is UNBELIEVEABLE!! The ultra violet rays have not compromised your product at all, ie no spider/stress cracks or no other visible signs of fatigue. People, I have even jumped up and down on the decking and it don't even squeek. I love this stuff!! Anyway, this is truly a great product!"

Mark H., Maintenance Mechanic, Project Inspector, FAC-COR Certified

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