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BōT RōP® (Boat Rope)

A universal way of tying up your boat that saves time and frustration, while adding safety around your dock.

BōT RōP® (Boat Rope) has a retractable mooring system that replaces traditional three-strand dock lines and toe-stubbing cleats. Inside a rust proof enclosure, the lockable mooring device stores and protects the double braided mooring line and the plastic coated snap hook. Flush to the surface, there is nothing to trip over, thus providing safety while walking on the dock. To help find BōT RōP after dark, a solar-powered LED light is installed on the cover.


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  • Sits flush to the boat dock so there aren't any cleats to trip over, thus eliminating injury and safety hazards.
  • The convenient retractable line makes it easy to find the length you need, in addition to concealing the rope back into the canister to eliminate tripping hazards.
  • A solar LED light illuminates the area, eliminating tripping hazards and ensuring safety, while allowing you to spot your dock and moor at night.

  • The stainless steel lockable latch prevents thieves from stealing the entire device or the mooring line.
  • The product's coating and stainless steel parts prevent corrosion and rust to ensure longevity.
  • The stainless steel spring, along with the retractable line, allows the user to conceal the rope in a clean and safe place, out of the elements and free from algae.

  • The eleven lag bolt attachment to the dock and the quality design, allow for a strong and durable tie up, no matter the condition.
  • The 9 1/2 foot rope allows you to moor your boat without trouble.
  • The "Tide Adjuster Switch" allows the line to lock into place or extend and retract freely in rough or tidal conditions.

  • Pier Mount Model Coming Soon!
  • Just in case you can't or don't want to drill a hole in your dock, a pier mount model would be ideal.
  • Great for wooden, PVC, aluminum, and steel pilings.


How do you install BōT RōP®?
A seven inch hole saw will work the best, as it cuts a perfect circle and cuts down on installation time. A jig saw and reciprocating saw are great options for installation. This type of reciprocating saw blade is essential for a perfect cut. BōT RōP can be installed in composite, PVC vinyl, aluminum, and wood decking. The pier mount model may be installed on any wood, steel, pvc, or aluminum piling. (See Instructions)

What size boat can BōT RōP® support?
Anywhere from 35 feet and below or 7500 pounds and below. If you are looking to tie up a house boat or large cruiser, we recommend changing out the rope to a 1/2-3/4th's inch diameter line.

What is BōT RōP® made out of?
The device is made out of stainless steel, steel, and aluminum all coated in an epoxy resin that is powder coated and baked in an oven to preserve the integrity of all the metals in order to restrain corrosion, rust, and damage.

How do I change out the rope?
Changing out the rope is simple. Pull the existing rope completely out and lock the spool into place with the set screw. From there, unscrew the rope attachment and install the new rope. lastly, unscrew the set screw to release the rope back into the canister. (See Instructions)

Can BōT RōP® be used in salt water applications?
BōT RōP® can be used in fresh or salt water. It has stainless steel and aluminum that is coated to prevent corrosion and rust.

With what type of line does the device come?
It comes with a 7/16 inch white, double braided, nylon rope that is "end whipped" at the base of the splice for extra support. The 9 1/2 foot line will either have a coated customized snap hook or an eye at the end for mooring.

May I use my own rope?
Yes. If you want to install a larger or smaller line made from different material, that is fine. Just make sure the line can extend all the way without exceeding the spring's elasticity.

Is there a warranty?
There is a 1 year warranty on BōT RōP®, contingent on the device being used only for mooring boats in the specified weight and length class. BōT RōP® LLC will also replace parts for free 1 year after the original date of purchase. BōT RōP® LLC, will allow returns for a full refund within 30 days after the date of purchase, contingent on the product being unused.




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